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Day four: technology, 1986

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This is a good example of the interplay of imagery, the juxtaposition of lines meeting lines, abstract meets representational. I just got off on putting all of the golden tones together and then breaking the color up w/ bright blue and red. At the time I was referencing Max Ernst. i wanted the image to be machine like and organic at the same time.

Day three

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I am someone who got a college degree by always having something to say about art or literature. I believe that it involves the search for identity, and that figuring out who you are somehow frees up the the ability to appraise all kind of art, music, literature. I have no idea if this is true, it’s just something I believe and I’m going with it. The exception to this opinion is that when it comes to my own work, I don’t necessarily have as much to say. I like the composition of this collage. It was made in 1986 & I have kept it around all these years, never in my portfolio, but just sitting on a shelf where I can see it.